Treatment and Management

Treatment & Management

At Tweed Valley Physiotherapy we specialise in the treatment of individuals with injury, pain or dysfunction associated with sport, exercise or physical activity.  Physiotherapy treatment can be effective whatever level of physical activity you are engaged in.  This may be at high performance, youth development, the weekend warrior, the occasional eventer, if you exercise to keep fit or are looking to become more engaged with physically activity.

Conditions that can be positively impacted by Physiotherapy include: -

Muscle injuries
Tendon related pain
Ligament sprains
Joint related pain
Spinal low back or neck pain
Persistent/Chronic pain
Nerve related pain
Post-surgical rehabilitation

Following the initial assessment options for management will be discussed with the ultimate goal to reduce pain, improve function and return to activity.  Management may include: -

Specific exercise prescription and rehabilitation programmes
Manual techniques such as mobilisations or manipulation
Specific soft tissue massage techniques
Taping techniques
Lifestyle and training adaptations

If you are unsure if Tweed Valley Physiotherapy can help you, please CONTACT US to discuss