Sports Performance


Kirsty Sinclair has over 15years experience working in high performance multisport.  Having worked in youth development right through to working with Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches there is a comprehensive understanding of what is required to limit the risk of injury and to maximise physical performance.

Sports performance may be impacted due to various physical or training issues for example, injury, technique, flexibility, muscle control, timing or strength.  It is important when looking to understand the nature of an issue to analyse how an individual performs within their sport or activity.  For a golfer this may mean looking at the swing, or a cyclist, this may mean looking at how the body and the bike perform and interact together, or with the runner, what is their running style, cadence or stride length.  Over recent years there has been an increase in scientific and expertise understanding of the importance of such factors in both recoveries from injury and impact on performance.

Following a Sports Performance assessment, a management plan consisting of set up modification, technique alteration, specific exercises for strength, control or flexibility and/or training style can be created dependent on an individual’s goal.

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