What We Do


At Tweed Valley Physiotherapy there is an understanding of the impact that an injury or pain can have on the ability to engage in life and achieve personal goals.  The approach to management follows both sound scientific principles and personal clinical experience to ensure that individuals can return to activity or strive to achieve new goals whatever they may be.

The treatment and management techniques used in sessions may include education, manual therapy, taping, massage and specific exercise prescription.  Targeted and individualised exercise programmes are a key part of injury and post-surgical recovery to allow for safe and maximised return to all levels of physical activity or sport.

Physiotherapists are uniquely placed to identify issues that may be impacting on physical performance in sport and exercise.  Sports Performance may be impacted due to various physical or training issues for example injury, technique, flexibility, muscle control, timing or strength.  Through guidance and intervention at Tweed Valley Physiotherapy these can be addressed to help with injury prevention and performance enhancement.

As a physiotherapist working in sport there is an understanding that in order to fully understand an individual’s issue it is invaluable to see them doing what they do.  Within cycling the bike has an influence on your body, and your body has an influence on your bike.  At Tweed Valley Physiotherapy we offer Physio Bike Fit which looks at the fit of your bike and the influence your body has on your bike to improve persistent pain, injury and performance issues.

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