We all seem to feel we are short of time these days with so much to fit in to our busy lives, work, family, riding, friends, the dog, riding, eating, house management, riding!!

On top of this as physiotherapists we need to spend time expanding our knowledge and doing professional development in order to keep our registration to practice with the HCPC.

So in my endeavour to find creative ways of keeping up with current trends and new science I discovered the podcast. What a great use of dead time. I now listen in the car, when doing chores, walking the dog and they are great!

For any physiotherapists out there (or just curious punters) here are my favourites.

The Physio Matters Podcast http://chewshealth.co.uk/the-physio-matters-podcast NAF

Physio Podcast http://ptpodcast.com/podcasts/naf-physio-podcast/

Physio Edge https://www.clinicaledge.co/podcast

PT Inquest http://ptpodcast.com/podcasts/pt-inquest/

Therapy Insiders http://therapyinsiderspod.com/ BJSM Podcasts http://bjsm.bmj.com/site/podcasts/

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