Physio Bike Fit


Cycling is a fantastic form of exercise and here in the Tweed Valley there are few that would dispute that! There are however a number of injuries that as a cyclist you can be at risk of picking up.  Long sessions in the saddle no matter what type of riding you do, road, mountain, triathlon, can come with specific complaints of stress, strain, fatigue or pain.  Cyclists often report numb hands, knee pain, low back pain and neck pain which can limit the ability to get out and ride.  Such symptoms can be as a result of a bike set up that is not right for your body.  An ill-fitting bike will result in your body adapting to a less than optimal or desired position which will result in inefficiency but also has the potential to result in discomfort, stress on tissue and injury.  No matter what level of rider you are, correct bike fit will result in optimising comfort, efficiency and power.

Cycling is an interaction of the body, the bike and the environment


•    Video analysis of current riding set up
•    Discussion on injury, complaints, training and goals
•    Cycling specific physiotherapy assessment with specific testing for flexibility, movement control and muscle strength
•    Modification of bike set up
•    Exercise programme
•    Written report

Each cycling discipline has different physical requirements and different injury risks and this is taken into consideration in the Physio Bike Fit.  If you are interested in a Physio Bike Fit, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.