Whilst I was employed with Sportscotland Institute of Sport as an international coach for Scotland and GB I had the pleasure of working with Kirsty Sinclair. We had many long trips abroad to competitions all round the world and she was excellent and interesting company.  I was involved in programmes for Elite athletes competing at the highest level, Kirsty’s role was to ensure these athletes were ready for competition so phased and stepped fitness programmes were designed for each individual.

We were both involved in the 2010 Paralympic games and Kirsty's preparation for this very specific field was thorough and meticulous, building detailed profiles of each individual which allowed Strength and Conditioning coaches to design a fitness program based on the physical ability of those individuals. The physical transformation was truly life changing for many of those involved as they developed and grew new skills and abilities, this was really pioneering work.

Her knowledge, expertise and understanding of the specific needs of every individual was second to none.

Tom Pendreigh High Performance Curling and Wheelchair Curling Coach,

I have used a number of physiotherapists in the past. I have been with Kirsty for the last 18 months and have found her knowledge, skillset and honest approach to be the best I have experienced. Kirsty’s no-nonsense approach has given me confidence in my training and a solid platform to recover from injuries and prevent them happening in the future. With Kirsty I feel I am not just a number on a list but that she takes the time to understand the overall picture of training and life to offer solid advice I can rely on.

Sam Anderson - Extreme Ironman, Athlete

I have known Kirsty on a professional basis for years as we both worked in high performance sport.  I was well aware she had a good reputation for “fixing” athletes, so as soon as kirsty opened her first clinic I made an appointment to see if she could help me. I had a long history of troublesome injuries that no longer allowed me to do any running and only limited biking. I had been to see many physios - all who had provided me with useful insight but could never quite get back me running. Kirsty took a totally different approach and I have since returned to a low level of consistent training again. I was a very tricky customer with many chronic injuries/niggles but Kirsty has allowed me to take a huge step forward. I would highly recommend Kirsty especially when dealing with sport injuries.

Ruth McKean - Sports Nutritionalist, Consultant

Kirsty Sinclair has been my personal physio since my time with the Great Britain/Scotland wheelchair curling squad. During that period her physio skills were invaluable, especially when intense treatment was required. Without her interaction when injuries occurred, I would not have been fit enough to compete at such a high international level.

Tom Killin - Paralympic Wheelchair Curling, Athlete